Roofing Services

Nicholas Roofing & Paving offers the best commercial and industrial roofing and paving services in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Some of the services we offer in Wicker Park include asphalt maintenance, parking lot paving, roof coatings, roof overlay, reroofing, roof patching, roof replacements, sealcoating parking lots, silicone roof coatings, and more. We are a family-owned business that has been serving Wicker Park and its surrounding areas for more than 50 years with the best roofing services in the city. We are a family-owned, licensed/bonded and insured, local roofing company. Nicholas Roofing will help Wicker Park business owners with all of their paving and roofing needs. From leaky roofs to pothole-filled parking lots, we are here to make your business smoother and more enjoyable for you and your customers.

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Wicker Park Roofing and Paving Services

Nicholas Roofing and Paving specializes in providing high-quality roofing and paving services to commercial and industrial clients in Wicker Park. We are your home for all of your commercial and industrial flat roofing and asphalt paving services. Learn more about the variety of roofing, paving, and masonry services we offer to our Wicker Park clients. Our experienced team of caring roofing professionals will help you with everything from parking lot paving services to complete roof replacements. We know how important it is for Wicker Park commercial and industrial properties to maintain a safe and well-maintained roof and parking lot.

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Our qualified staff members have extensive experience with various roofing systems and use the most reliable and robust technology available for installation and maintenance services. Some of these include;

As commercial building owners, the building is bound to have many visitors and is open for public use. With our company, you can rest assured that the materials used are top-quality to guarantee safety standards. Our team is highly qualified and will deliver beyond expectations.

At Nicholas Roofing and Paving, our top priority is our customers. We ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and you receive personalized attention and the quality services you deserve!

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Why Nicholas Roofing is the Best Wicker Park Roofing and Paving Company

We are the best roofing and paving company serving commercial and industrial facilities in Wicker Park.

Family Owned and Operated

Nicholas Roofing and Paving is a family-owned and operated company. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Local Wicker Park Company

Nicholas Roofing is a local company serving other local business owners with the best roofing and paving services in the city.

More Than 50 Years of Roofing and Paving Experience

Our company has more than 50 years of experience providing roofing and paving services in the Wicker Park neighborhood and throughout Chicago. We are experienced professionals in the roofing industry.

Affordable Roofing Solutions for Wicker Park

We provide affordable solutions to match your personal budget. You can contact us for an estimate on your Wicker Park roof or parking lot project.

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Get the Best Wicker Park Roofing and Paving Services

If your Wicker Park commercial or industrial property needs a roof replacement, repair, or patching, (or you’re not sure which), give us a call. Nicholas Roofing specializes in providing the best roofing solutions for Wicker Park. Nicholas Roofing is your trusted Wicker Park roofing and paving company. Trust your roofing to an experienced and local company. If you want a quality commercial roofing company, come to Nicholas Roofing for all of your roofing and paving needs. We offer timely and high-quality results for all of our Wicker Park services. Contact us today at (773) 682-4950 or [email protected] to request a free estimate from our professional contractors.